“Now Recipes ™”!

A “Now Recipe ™”! is quite simply a recipe for when you want to eat something now. For the purpose of Luxefood, I define a “Now Recipe ™”!  by whether it can meet 4 essential points.

Easy to cook – Little or no stirring, faffing, marinade-ing or preparation required
Low on Ingredients – Very few ingredients necessary
Immediately edible – No need for fancy finishing, cooling, or drizzling to eat it
Luxe visual – Must be instantly impressive, either in its Nature or Appearance once ready

And that’s it, below you can try for yourself the very first “Now Recipe ™”! from this site.

The cooked Moroccan Roast Chicken

Cooked finished Moroccan Roast Chicken

I start with a Moroccan style Roast Chicken – Easy to cook, a simple blast in a hot oven for as long as it takes for the juices to run clear when the thickest leg portion of the chicken is skewer-tested with a sharp knife; Low on Ingredients, A not too large chicken (mine was 850 grammes/ 1 lb 13 oz), half a preserved lemon, three leaves of bay, a little sunflower oil to massage the chicken with and a little Sumac (a North African spice readily internet available; or from your local neighbourhood mini market), some semi-dry prunes. Immediately edible – straight out of the oven, and direct to the table and finally; Luxe Visual, I have never met a person that isn’t impressed by a Roast chicken, it looks beautiful  on any dinner table as a centre piece, the jammy juices and crisp golden skin that this recipe will yield wont fail to inspire “oohs and aahs” from whomever is lucky enough to be invited to dinner the day that you serve this.

It’s so easy to make, you preheat the oven to 200 degrees (medium-high heat), wash and trim any unwanted skin from the chicken, pat it dry and rub with the preserved lemon and some prunes broken up, to spread their sweet jamminess on the skin, sprinkle and then rub with a little of the bright purple Sumac and some sunflower oil. Put all the remaining squashed fruit into the chicken cavity along with a bay leaf, and put an extra bay leaf on the outside of the chicken between the thigh and breast.

Then the chicken goes into a baking dish, breast down for around 20 minutes and then is turned right way up for the last 20 – 30 minutes of cooking time with the oven temperature reduced to medium (160 degrees), to crisp the skin.

Serve, so simple, easy and delicious, pictures below…

I would love to hear any thoughts or amendments that you make to this recipe yourselves.

To buy Sumac online in the US – click here
To buy Sumac online in the UK – click here

Moroccan roast chicken ingredients, preserved Lemons and Prunes

Preserved Lemons and Prunes

Laid-out ingredients for Moroccan Roast Chicken

Chicken, Preserved Lemons, Bay Leaves, Sumac and Prunes

Stuffing the Moroccan Roast Chicken prior to roasting

Stuffing the Moroccan Roast Chicken

Prepared Moroccan Chicken ready for Roasting

Prepared Moroccan Chicken ready for Roasting

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