The Author

I really enjoy cooking and dreaming up my next big dinner party, choosing menu’s and deciding on how to decorate or dress up the apartment and pick out what to wear.

I like trying to work to a theme, which I think gives a nice focus when planning what to eat, and helps me to select a recipe to cook.

It is important to me that food is prepared with love and respect, and that I have knowledge of my ingredients, and that I know and am willing to learn different and interesting ways of using them.

Raspberry, Choux, Patisserie, Sweet Pastry, Eclair, Cappuccino Eclair, Custard, Creme Anglais

Sweet Madrileno Mini Pastries

I like broccoli, in fact any vegetables… even brussels sprouts. I like tastes and smells and food that excites and inspires me. I love to bake and dream up ideas. I have no formal training and am always happy to make things up as I go along with my cooking and baking. I would love to hear any comments or recipes that people want to share with me and I look forward to adding many more food ideas over time.

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