Practice what you preach… (and packed lunch stories)

So, in keeping with my pre-payday quest to use up some of my store cupboard gremlins, I thought it pertinent to take the opportunity to share with you my packed lunch for tomorrow. It is neither life changing, nor heart achingly yummy in the official “Luxefood” sense, but it is in keeping with my plans for outing the old and doing so in the least wasteful way that I could think of.

Or is it not life changing…? Sweeping out the old and making room for newness, a clever use up of too-old cabbage, too-small sesame oil, over-refrigerated beetroot, seen-better-days spring onion (scallion) and a tin of tuna from I-don’t-know-when. Recipe after the jump.

Raw food Slaw

Raw food revolution lunch as voted for by my store cupboard.

Half of a sweetheart cabbage
Quarter of a red cabbage
Two Spring onions/Scallion
Three Beetroot
Eighth of a cup of sesame oil
Eighth of a cup of apple cider vinegar
Salt and Pepper, to taste

Shred the cabbages, add to a bowl with the spring onion, sesame oil, vinegar and season.
Mix well, taking care to break up the cabbage as you go along.
Top with the beetroot and refrigerate overnight. The vinegar and salt will break down and soften the cabbage by morning, leaving  you with a yummy raw food revolution juicy slaw for lunch in the morning.

I will be eating mine tomorrow with tuna for a muscle friendly protein hit!

Do you have a bunch of dried fruit loitering in the back of the cupboard? Make good use of it here by chopping it and mixing well into the slaw before refrigeration. Dried figs, sultanas, raisins or dates would work well here. Likewise any walnuts, brazils or other nuts languishing in the same dark corner of the cupboard, chop roughly and sprinkle on the slaw before eating for a crunchy, nutty Waldorf salad type vibe.

Slap this yummy slaw between two slices of buttered rye or sourdough, and top with leftover shredded meat from the last weekend roast that you made. Deli-Heaven….


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