Food is no longer just what we eat but HOW we eat…

I have recently been reading and thinking a lot about my health, having recently ramped up my fitness programme, and a recent addition to my library has been a book called The Woman Code by Alissa Vitti. It was an interesting read that focuses on endocrine and hormonal disruption in women, and seeks to assess and amend the way that we manage our lives as women; based on our monthly cycle and our subsequent eating habits to make us better, shinier, happier versions of ourselves. The content however is incredibly interesting, particularly when Vitti addresses what we consume and when each month, and why it’s so fundamental to our well-being to manage our consumption in a loving way.

One other area that the book focuses on is the removal of endocrine-function disruptive chemicals from our environments. I started doing this a great many years ago following a conversation in one of our lovely London black Taxi Cabs with a driver whom had recently lost a dear friend to cancer. He insisted that he had seen a massive increase in people that he knew, and customers with digestive tract and gastrointestinal cancers since food had started to be wrapped in plastic. As such he had stopped altogether having anything cling film wrapped in his home where possible and started to seriously reduce the amount of plastic wrapping that his food was in. If it came in plastic, then this was removed, the food washed and re-wrapped in greaseproof paper or packed into glass/ foil or stainless steel containers before refrigeration and storage. He implored me to do the same for my health. I did. This was 14 years ago and I haven’t had clingfilm in my home ever since.

Fast forward to now and I find myself still consciously trying to remove plastics from my food source as often as possible. I seldom drink or eat out of plastic bottles, styrofoam or any other plastic if I can help it. something about it just doesn’t seem to sit right with me. Petrochemicals that leak when warm into whatever is being stored in them,for me is a worry. For me alarm bells ring when I think of the difference in taste of Coca-Cola when it has come from a plastic bottle, versus a glass one or a tin can… try for yourself, what do you think?

Recently I found that my beloved Tupperware, which I had previously thought exempt from my “leechy plastic” worries, was also on the danger list. So when I found Sistema BPA free Tupperware (pictured above) in the cutest dinky mini sauce bottles and teeny jars, I just had to get some! I have found online sources for it here (UK) and here (US).

You can buy Alissa Vitti’s book on amazon, read more about endocrine function and disruption here in this great article that I found on the fabulous mind body green website.

There are plenty of options if this is something that you would like to try, tin foil or glass containers for your food, looking for cleaning products and personal beauty products without parabens or nasty chemicals in them, or reading The Woman Code. There is also a FloLiving Community on Facebook that you can join here to learn more on this subject.

As always, would be delighted to hear your thoughts on this post.


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