On the Storecupboard… ( Or a recipe for Scallop Red Rice & French beans)

So here is a life lesson for moving on, for using up and making good with what is old, and preparing to embrace newness; all the while nourishing ones spirit with what is redundant but too good to throw away. Think on that for a while…

With it being Winter now here in London, following the break up of my marriage to the Yank, and with a readiness in my heart and soul to clear out what is no longer wanted, I am embracing the concept of using up all of my old “food clutter”, old packets of soup lentils, stunning tightly packed organic red rice, too many tins of chickpeas that want to be something other than humous or falafel, and readying myself for a lovely new refreshing food shop to celebrate my penultimate payday of the year.

Tonights’ offering is Rosso Selvaggio. Organic, aromatic ruby-red wild rice, from the Zizania genus. It came boxed and was purchased during an opulent food shop in Schweiz before I returned to London last year.

Organic wild red rice

Rosso Selvaggio – Organic wild red rice

This is the self same packet shot in my kitchen before cooking

The recipe is so simple, that it’s barely even a recipe at all

Half the 500g packet of rice
Green beans/ French beans
Frozen Scallops (defrosted in ice water in the fridge for 2 hours, rinsed, drained)
Clearspring Tamari soy sauce
Shake on Seaweed flakes ( I use these)

Cook rice according to packet instructions, drain and set aside.
Cook the scallops in a medium hot pan with some sesame oil and butter, meanwhile steam the green beans for a few minutes until almost al dente (I did mine with a bit of water in the microwave), drain and roughly chop the french beans and add into the pan with the scallops.
Season the mixture with some seaweed flakes and some Tamari soy to your taste, add in around two thirds of the rice to the pan (around 180g).
Toss the whole mix together until hot through, plate up, Enjoy.

I think that there is a joy to be had from not wasting or throwing out what is no longer desirable in my kitchen cupboards. My life has changed in the past year, shape shifted and become something other than what I thought that the universe would play out for me when I got married almost 2 years ago now.

What do you need to do, in order the redress the balance in your own life… or kitchen?


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